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The Cuer menu is divided into 4 main sections

  • Main
  • Manage
  • Library
  • Setting

The Main section contains the venue selector, the programs page, the dances page, the playlist page, and the reports page The Manage section contains pages for managing dances, tags, figures, rhythms, choreographers, and venues The Library section contains pages for specifying songs, albums, locations, and labels The Settings section contains, well, the settings


  • Windows 10 version 1809

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Library Menu Items






Library Directories

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Backing Up Database

Restoring Database

Error Reporting

Importing From Dance Master


Remote Control

Remote control functionality in Cuer is designed to be easy and flexible. There are only a few rules for input for the remote.

  1. The remote only works on the Programs page or the Dances page

  2. The remote must connect to your PC / laptop (wifi, bluetooth, wireless dongle, etc)

  3. The remote must act like a keyboard

  4. The remote must send the characters that you want from the following table

    Key Function
    ctrl + M volume up
    ctrl + N volume down
    ctrl + C toggle voice cues on / off
    ctrl + L music balance up (voice balance down)
    ctrl + K voice balance up (music balance down)
    ctrl + P toggle play / pause
    ctrl + S stop
    1 goto bookmark 1
    2 goto bookmark 2
    3 goto bookmark 3
    4 goto bookmark 4
    5 goto bookmark 5
    6 goto bookmark 6
    7 goto bookmark 7
    8 goto bookmark 8
    9 goto bookmark 9
    0 goto bookmark 10
    Table: Remote Functions

This allows for several options for remote controls. If you are handy with electronics you could build your own remote! If you would like to pur

Recommended remote options

Remote Pros Cons
Air Mouse simple to set up, inexpensive, fits in a pocket buttons will require two fingers for some functions, limited range (device dependant)
Cell Phone you already own a cell phone, graphical remote, range and connections options requires additional program on PC / laptop and app on phone ($5 for full version), requires additional hardware if you want to use wifi

Air Mouse

For the air mouse option you simply plug its dongle into your PC / laptop and Windows will recognize it as a mouse and keyboard. You then can use any of the keys on the Remote Functions table.

Cell Phone

Getting Started

  1. For the cell phone option you need to download and install the Unified Remote application on your PC / laptop. You can follow the installation tutorial on their webpage to get started.

  2. You will then need to download and install the Unified Remote for your Android, Apple, or Microsoft phone

  3. You will then need to download and install the Cuer custom remote.

  4. Set up your phone to connect to the server using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Actually you can set up servers for both and switch between them when you want.

Bluetooth Configuration

If your PC / laptop has bluetooth you can configure your connection to use it for your phone remote. Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology and if the area you are using your phone remote in is around 10m (33 ft) or possibly up to 100m (330 ft) this may work for you.

  1. Make sure your phone is paired with your PC / laptop
  2. Add the server (your PC / laptop) to the app. You can follow the tutorial selecting BlueTooth instead of Wi-Fi
  3. Select the Cuer Phone Remote

Wi-Fi Configuration

You can get much larger area by using a Wi-Fi access point. I would suggest getting a small travel router / Wi-Fi access point.

  1. Configure the router
    • Select the Wireless Router Operation Mode
    • Set the wireless network names to something you will recognize (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
    • Change the admin password and put the password somewhere safe
    • Add an address reservation for your the MAC address for your PC / laptop (I choose because it is easy for me to remember)
  2. Configure the phone app
    1. Add the server (your PC / laptop) to the app. You can follow the tutorial to add
    2. Select the Cuer Phone Remote


  • Make sure you are on the Programs or the Dances page
  • Follow the unified remote troubleshooting

Helpful Notes

MP3 formats

VBR vs CBR mp3

Why is CBR better?

  • CBR is accurate for times

Windows Libraries

What are they and why are they used

Audacity Macros

Prepare Fifteen Second Intro